• How often is 4Tube updated?
    23 times a day! That's new content every hour!
  • How can I download the videos?
    You can download the videos by clicking the "download full scene" button on the playback pages which will take you to the external site that will let you download the video
  • Who is 4Tube's sister site?
    Gals4Free.net. Gals4Free is a long standing, highly ranked site full of galleries. Every girl you see on 4Tube will be on Gals4Free. You can even see how many galleries a girl has on Gals4Free on their profile page!
  • Do you have any amateur content as well?
    Bored of the produced stuff at the moment? You can find masses of amateur, home-made content over at Fux.com.
  • Why can't I play the videos?
    4Tube servers videos in the H.264 format - this means we can give you high quality videos at no additional cost to the user.
    To be able to play back videos, you must have at least version 9,0,124 of Adobe Flash Player installed. This is because H.264 is not supported before verison 9,0,115, and 9,0,124 has important security updates.
  • Videos won't buffer
    We don't use what is known as 'progressive download' on 4Tube. We stream the videos to you meaning you can jump to ANY part of the video whenever you want. No need to hit pause and wait for enough to download before you get to see the action!
  • How do I embed your player on my site?
    For information on embedding the player, contact support@4tube.com
Advertising on 4Tube
  • How can I advertise on 4Tube?
    To advertise on 4Tube please contact support@4tube.com
  • How can I get my site and videos on 4Tube?
    We hand-pick content for 4Tube. To have your site and videos considered for 4Tube, contact support@4tube.com
  • Can I hotlink or use your images?
    In short, no. Doing so is violating the copyright owner's rights. Please contact the copyright owner for images/content you can use. They're usually more than happy to help you out.
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