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Date of Birth
December 18, 1990

(Bailey Skye)

Everyone has his own favorite pornstar or a few, but when it comes to stereotypical pornstar, everyone sees her kind of the same. A figure similar to Barbie doll. Not really. But a figure similar to Rikki Six, if not exactly the same as Rikki. Kind of. Well, pretty much precisely as Six looks. Tall but not too tall with peroxide blonde hair, huge fake breast, slim body of perfectly rounded ass and piercing blue eyes. Without much photoshop knowledge, you can make Rikki look like a real doll because she naturally looks like one. Hailing from Riverside, California, Rikki Six was a gymnast and a cheerleader for a good portion of her life. No wonder why the sexy, slim and petite body. She doesn't even do these sports anymore but her body stays the same. It is only due to the amount of sex she is having and occasional runs, that are together keeping her in form, making her look a smoking hot sex machine. If it wasn't for porn, Rikki would probably have something to do either with dental assistant or nurse jobs (she is a former nursing student). Thanks to pornography and Mötley Mödels for bringing Rikki Six on the porn board. Mötley found her on Facebook and after their first attempt, when she was 18 years old, she, unfortunately, rejected the offer. Three years later, when Rikki was 21, they gave her another shot and she went for it. She ended up working for only two weeks for Mötley Mödels, then she moved to LA Direct models. She pursued adult career after dropping out from nursing school in 2012. Rikki was like a big bang, causing a huge explosion immediately after joining the industry. Everyone started craving for her; her boobs, her body, her skills and everything in between. The scenes Rikki is the most into are boy-girl scenes, but that is not meaning she does not like doing solos, girl-girl scenes and even threesomes and "moresomes." Just in the year of her porn debut, Rikki Six worked with some of the most recognizable companies in the industry like Digital Playground, Hustler, Pure Play Media and others. Her determination and hard work made her won business' awards, got nominated several times and landed on a great deal of magazine covers.

While Rikki Six might look like your stereotypical pornstar, she, on the other hand, is a really hard working starlet. She even calls herself a workaholic, constantly trying to keep herself busy with some sort of work. If not working, she enjoys being active and sociable and not sitting and chilling, doing nothing. She is a spontaneous and non judgemental girl who owns a big heart, is a very sweet person, crazy and wild. Also an outgoing person who is obsessed with Starbucks. Rikki Six goes by: "I am going to be the biggest star!"

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