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June 20, 1988

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No, "our" Siri has nothing to do with iPhone. As a matter of fact, she posted her first tweet five months before the first iPhone with Siri was released. Having Swedish heritage with a pinch of Danish and Norwegian blood, her name is a short version of a popular Scandinavian name given to women, Sigrid, meaning "beautiful victory" in Old Norse. An award winning pornstar, a top Quora writer in 2013 and a passionate swinger, Siri was born on June 20, 1988 in Minnesota. As a kid she was a total nerd and right before she was about to hit middle school she moved to Texas. She was always striving for higher education, but it was adult entertainment industry she was really passionate about. Even if she grew interest in many other things during her college years, there was always this thing called porn that she knew she needs to pursue ever since she was 19 years old. Having a degree in communications really helped her getting in the adult industry and she always knew she would be good at it and not letting anyone down. Her prediction was 100% correct and you need to see only a few minutes of any of her scenes to agree with her. She is a natural both in acting and in body what is not hard to notice. Moreover, she is really down to porn and loves every second of it and is working her ass off to bring her dreams to reality. Siri lost her virginity when she was 18 years old and got married at an early age, before she started doing porn. Both being sexually hungry people, her husband and herself always went to swinger clubs, getting kinky with other couples. In her personal life, Siri also did a lot of gangbangs which she loves, a lot. Before she met her husband she only had serious relationships with women. For four years straight she was considered a lesbian. Obviously she is fucking both men and women now, what makes her a true bisexual. Having plenty of experiences with both genders, she gained prior to her porn career, she was an instant success after she joined the industry in 2012. But it was not only for the skills she has, it was also for the buxom body and for the big breasts she owns that made her famous and one of the most popular pornstars. But again, this is not all. It does not happen commonly among the pornstars that she gets really connected with her fans. This is where, again, Siri stands out. She is a very normal, down to earth gal who fans appreciate and worship and with whom she is always connecting. Not to mention her absolutely gorgeous face that is making her one of a kind and a girl everyone is dreaming about. Not so in her vagina, although it is beautiful, but getting your dick between those all natural jugs would be better than winning the lottery. Connect with Siri on Twitter (@siripornstar) and by visiting her official website at

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